Three brill budget beauty gifts for the last minute rush

Everyone loves a good bargain, especially when you are on a budget. Whether it's for Kris Kindle presents or personal ones, there are so many affordable options out there for each and every one of you beauty lovers.

Just because something is on the lower end of the money spectrum doesn't mean it's not good quality. Some brands are just marketed to a different group.

With that in mind and without further delay, here are my three favourite budget buys for all you beauty lovers out there.

  • Catrice Catrice Liquid Metal Gel Eyeliner €3.70

Catrice liner

If you haven't already tried these gorgeous pencils from Catrice, there is no better time. Especially when they have just launched this fab metallic one; it's a must! Now go, before you regret it.

  • Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust €14.95




With not one but five metallic shades to choose from, this is a budget gift not to be missed. The best part about this is that you can use it in two ways. You can use it as a liquid liner when mixed with water or to accentuate your eyeshadow or lips. It's another one for the list.

  • Aldi Caviar Skin Collection from €6.99




At this price, you could buy one or all of these products. Dare we call them Aldi's version of La Prairie will help you give the gift of good skin this Christmas.


On a personal note, I always like to buy a few bits like this in case someone gets me something that I didn't expect. That keeps my conscious clear and the guilt away. And I highly recommend it.

Have you found any exceptional budget buys this Christmas yet? Share your secrets with us we want to know!

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