A Kit to Rival Charlotte Tilbury's Glamour Muse?

Jane Iredale's new Your Signature Look kit in Glamour landed on my desk this morning. Until now, I didn't know a whole lot about the Your Signature Look collection but since I'm a total product junkie, I was looking forward to playing around with this. First off, the collection comes in a nicely packaged little box which I enjoyed. You can sell anything once it's packaged well. Sure Benefit made an empire out of it.

There are five kits in total:

  • Nude
  • Elegance
  • Bronze
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Glamour (which is the one I tried)


The kit comes with four products, all very displayed nicely:


The Kit in Glamour contains:

Pure Presses Eye Shadow: Oyster/Supernova

Gel Eyeliner: Black

Lip Stick: Margie


Lip Gloss: Crabapple



And all for the price of . . . €104.

My jaw dropped when I read the price after using the products. The idea behind it is great, one kit to give you a glamorous look of a red lip and wing liner. My issue is, they just don't provide the right products to be able to achieve the look.

Firstly, it comes with only two shades of eye shadow, a highlighter (light cream) and a taupe colour shadow. Both are shimmery. Which don't work together. When it comes to eye make up, the basic rule is you shouldn't have two shimmers together. You can have two mattes, a matte and a shimmer but never two shimmers. It is always important to shape and define the eye with a matte neutral tone eye shadow otherwise the eye just looks like a big shimmery mess. The eye shape needs structure, and as shimmer attracts and highlights you need a matte colour to push back and define.

Secondly, I found the gel liner more dark gray than black, you needed a few coats to build up the colour.

Finally, it is beyond me why you would put a moisturising lipstick and lip gloss in a kit. Both products will in NO WAY help you to get a perfectly shaped red lip; it's almost impossible to do it without a liner unless you have an exceptionally good lip brush and a satin or matte finish lipstick, neither of which are in this kit.

With all that said, I have created a step by step review with these products, although I totally cheated and used a lip liner and transition colour to blend. Keep an eye out for it in the coming days.


Have you tried any Jane Iredale make up products? What did you think? If you've given any of the other Your Signature Looks kits a go, let us know how you got on.

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