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We could launch into the whole IT'S STIIIIILLL JANUARY!!!! but sure we've been paid at this point, so let's just look forward to spring, which kicks off today!

Spring time means more Spring/Summer Fashion Week galleries from the likes of Paris, we're busy choosing foundations for the impending brighter weather (it will get brighter!), and we're helping to get you off the couch and into the gym with scientifically proven motivational music. Come on spring, let's be havin' ya!

1. Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015 - Red Carpet
It was no Critic's Choice Awards. Good to see we're over that...

2. Paris Fashion Week S/S 2015
Versace, the arrivals, dahlink

3. Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas Win at Twitter Baba Announcements
That baby has great balancing skills...

4. Back to Basics: Choosing Foundation
It's the product that stresses us out the most.


5. Top Ten Songs to Get You Off the Couch and Into the Gym
This has been proven by scientists and everything.

6. Burning Question: Do You Strip?
Your nose, that Is...

7. Beautienomics!
We're looking at Catrice's 12h Matt Mousse Makeup

8. Here’s What We Think That EastEnders Whodunnit Clue at the NTAs Meant...
Our money's still on Abi


9. A Day In The Life Of...
This week, we're looking at stylists

10. WIN!
We have fun Big Hero 6 Goodie Bags to give away!

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