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We've tested mascaras, provided a choice of foundations, so now it's time to settle down in front of a 'Date Night' make up tutorial - 'cause what else would you be doing on a Monday?

If you're looking for a lift in other departments, we also wriggled into a load of bottom-boosting jeans so you didn't have to. Behold the impressive results.  

1. UK Premiere of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'
Have to say, they seem to be enjoying themselves...

2. Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special
It's probably the most eclectic red carpet we've ever seen.

3. Kate And Her White Coat 
The Duchess visited Portsmouth looking only lovely

4. All About The Base...
You can have one long term love and two foundations to flirt with on the side


5. Three Mascaras Tried & Tested
Which one won?!

6. Date Night?
We've got a handy make up tutorial

7. Bum-Boosting Jeans... They exist 
And they work. We've got before-and-after pics and everything!!

8. ‘Designer’ Perfume Enthusiast?
Here's how to nab nice smellies without the price tag

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