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This week, we've been mostly chewing the cud on all those diet myths and if there's any truth behind them. Turns out, there isn't!

We cast an eye over the latest fashion craze in the World of Celebrity, provide you with a cost effective alternative to Nars' concealer, and give you a behind the scenes look at the new Loop in Dublin Airport. 

1. The Loop VIP Suite at Terminal 1 Dublin Airport
In case you've not been through Dublin Airport (very) recently, we have pics from the launch of the new look The Loop

2. Sheer Delights...
Or should that be Sheer Fright?

3. Fancy Raising Some Eyebrows?
Definitive guide to creating the perfect brow

4. Ryan Reynolds Explains The Mystery of his Daughter’s Name...
While not actually mentioning her name, which is apparently 'James'


5. Dupe Alert!
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and NYX HD concealer

6. You Know Those Top Three Weight Loss Myths?
Well, we have them totally debunked...

7. Your Foolproof Guide To...
Getting the best from your Makeup brushes

8. Competitions Galore!

Get your finest entering hat on!



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