This beloved foundation has got a reboot and it's even better than the original

The say a change can be as good as a rest, but when it comes to cult classic makeup formulas, that isn't necessarily the case.

We've lost count of how many beloved products have been "improved" or "re-formulated" only to end up being a shadow of their former self. Thankfully, we're delighted to say, that isn't the case with the latest release from Bourjois!

Last month we told you about how the original Healthy Mix foundation was getting a reboot. The news made us a little nervous, but with good reports straight out the gate, I for one was excited to see what it was really going to be like. And having tried it out for the past few days I can honestly say, it's bloody brilliant. Seriously, they've hit the nail on the head with this particular formula.

The texture and feel of the new Healthy Mix formula is beautiful and would rival any luxury offering out there. It blends easily over skin, neutralising redness and discolouration quickly and effectively. The coverage is medium, but it doesn't look like you're wearing makeup at all really. Wear time is very good too; I managed to get a solid ten hours out of my base without needing re-touches, which (for someone with combination skin) is particularly impressive.


The "anti-fatigue" element of this was seriously put to the test too. One of the days I was wearing it came with the added challenge of hungover face. Puffy, wan and decidedly un-glowing, my skin looked a mess, but after pulling myself together, I received compliments on how luminous my skin was looking. Trust me, it was as far from luminous underneath that foundation as you can get, but that's why we love the power of makeup, isn't it?

The new Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue formula is available in stores now for RRP €12.95. There are six shades in the new collection as well the Healthy Mix concealers €9.95 each.

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