This much loved foundation is about to be discontinued

Every now and then for no reason one of our favourite and much-loved beauty products gets the boot. It is always when you least expect it so you haven't even thought about stocking up. The hunt for finding a new one is a painful process and often unfulfilled.

So before you find out the hard way be warned Georgio Armani are discontinuing their all time favourite Face Fabric Foundation.



What we loved about this formula is the lightweight yet air-brushed effect it would leave your skin with. Why they are removing it from their collection is not yet known and neither do we know if it will return at any point in the future.

But if this is your go-to foundation now is the time to stock up. If it's too late to salvage your colour worry not we found an alternative that is nearly the same.



  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Light 



Like your Face Fabric, Double Wear Light is a natural finish yet buildable foundation. It won't cake on the skin yet true to its name will stay in place. You will be left with that air-brushed result you are used to and your blemishes will be covered to perfection.


There is always light at the end of the foundation tunnel.

Is there a discontinued product you're still not over? Tell us about it below!

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