Three Gorgeous New Summer Scents: YSL, Roger & Gallet, DKNY

I have several summery scents but they all tend to be lemony and fresh. Recently I've fancied a change and turned to another citrussy favourite of mine: grapefruit. It's the one note these three new perfume launches have in common, but they are all equally lovely.

summer scents 2013

I'll start with Roger & Gallet's latest, Fleur de Figuier, which is a little bit special. One sniff and you'll be transported to the Mediterranean sun, as notes of ripened figs, zesty citrus, musk and cedar all combine. In the words of its creator Francis Kurkdjian, it's 'a very fresh, sweet, subtle composition".

roger and gallet Fleur de Figuier

This is €17.50 for 30ml or €39.75 for 100ml, and the corresponding body lotion, soaps and shower gels are all also available (you'll find 'em in the  new M&S Beauty Halls).

DKNY Art for Women is part of a limited edition collection inspired by New York street artist Keith Haring, who passed away in 1990. (Haring was huge in the 80s when he was championed by Madonna, hung out with Andy Warhol and still had time to produce more than 50 public artworks.)


DKNY Art for Women

It smells light and lovely: the main note I get is a sparkling pink grapefruit, and I can also smell ginger in the mix. It's sweet, pretty and summery - I like it a lot. It can be yours for €50 for 100 ml.

As for YSL's Elle Summer Edition, it's a slightly headier affair. From the (gorgeous) pink daubed bottle I was expecting something similarly light and fruity to the DKNY offering, but this is a more sophisticated scent.

YSL Elle Summer 2013

The first notes I get are floral - peony and jasmine are both present - but then a blend of grapefruit, raspberries and pink pepper berries starts to come through.  The longer I wore this, the more I liked it - if you don't like overly sweet scents but you'd still like something fruity and refreshing for the summer, give this a go. It's €39 for 90ml.


What are you wearing and loving right now?

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