3 things to make sure you bring on your next flight

A few hours on a plane at altitude does not do your skin any favours. We have a few tips for you to beat the post-flight skin-drought.

You know that dirty, grimy, dry, blotchy feeling you get all over after a flight? Yes? It's really awful. Our skin suffers when we spend time on a plane in re-circulated air. The cabin pressure combined with the lack of humidity in-flight wreak havoc on our skin. You will feel the effects on your skin but also on your lips and possibly your nose and eyes too.

The dry-as-a-desert atmosphere will cause dry patches and redness and often excess oil to appear. Your skin will overcompensate for the lack of moisture by producing extra sebum which can lead to an extra oily T-zone. All these factors lead to basically wrecked-looking skin when you disembark.

There are a few measures you can take to combat these uncomfortable and unsightly issues. If you love packing, we have a few new travel essentials for you to add to your list.

Elf Overnight Sleeping Mask €13.80

OK, so, yes, we are suggesting you go makeup free for the duration of the flight. Your skin will thank you for it later; by the end of your journey, your makeup will end up looking patchy or greasy anyway. If you really can't fathom the idea of no makeup, wear your makeup to the airport and remove it once on the flight. Then apply this mask all over your face. You can put your regular moisturiser on over it and enjoy the super hydrating feeling for the duration of your flight.


elf hydrogel undereye masks flight

Elf Hydrogel Under Eye Masks

You might get a few interested looks for sitting with gel masks on but it will be worth it. With licorice and seaweed extract to hydrate and brighten your undereye area, these will comfort your eye area, which can tend to have the moisture sucked out of it mid-flight. Pop them on for 15 minutes and remove. They leave a lovely smooth base for makeup if you want to put it back on before you arrive at your destination.

carmex strawberry spf lip balm

Carmex Lip Balm

Have a lip balm on hand to keep your lips hydrated throughout. Low air pressure means less blood circulation so lips can become dry too. It has SPF 15 so it's handy to protect your lips if you are going to the sun on your holidays.


Also, don't forget H2O or in other words water! You can't take bottles through security so get yourself a large bottle when you go airside. Sip it often throughout the flight to keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

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