If you do this now, you could avoid chapped lips this winter

Have you noticed your skin feeling a little drier? The changes in the weather affect most people's skin, so it's round about now you will start getting chapped lips and dry skin.

If you act now, you can lessen the problems and stop a chronic chapped lips situation in its tracks. Apply a great lip balm every day and of course, start drinking lots of water. We always say to look after your skin from the inside and out. Topical creams alone won't work unless you hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time *goes to get a pint of water*. It's easier said than done because it's easy to forget your water intake. But we have a plan to avoid the drought this winter.

The only way to make sure you drink lots of water and apply lip balm regularly is to have constant reminders. We like to keep a bottle of water beside us at all times. We also put a lip balm in every handbag, on our desks and in the car so we always have one at hand. These three lip heroes are both effective and cheap so you can afford to have four or five of them.

This is one of our very favourites. It smells so good you'll want to eat the tube. It is super nourishing, it's got SPF 15 to protect your lips and it's only €3.99.

Dr Pawpaw lip balm


Dr Pawpaw has become available in Ireland in the last few years. I remember my friend bringing it home by the bucket load from Austrailia years ago. You can use the original one anywhere on your face or body where you have dry skin. We are loving the red one to use as your lip colour and moisturiser and cream blush all in one. It's €8.34.

note bb lips

This NOTE BB lip corrector is really nourishing and hydrating and gives you a high shine natural lip colour. It's €8.95 and a nice one to use on a night out instead of a lip gloss that can further dry out your lips.

Get started now before the flakiness really sets in and hopefully you will avoid the chapped lip dilemma this winter.

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