TIPS: What Brush Should I Use For Cream / Gel Liner?


My post yesterday about MAC's switswoo Fluidline liners prompted a flurry of questions. What brush do you use? How do you use it? And how on earth do you get the line straight? were some of the queries we got in comments.

Well, a lot of getting the look right is practice, like a lot of things in life. But you do need good tools or you'll never get the hang of sweeping flicks of cat eyed gorgeousness. So a good brush is essential ladies, ESSENTIAL! You won't get this right with a foam applicator or a crappy brush your auntie got you last Christmas.

So what you need is a brush like one of the three above. Left and right are both from MAC, the one on the left is an Small Angle Brush 263, and on the right is Eyeliner 209. The middle is Smashbox Arced Liner Brush #21. All will be in and around €20ish, and while I know a lot of people like an angle brush, I find them too stiff and hard to use because they don't move in the way I like, so I always go for a tapered brush like the ones to the right. They're flexible, they'll move across the eyelid but equally they're firm enough to provide control.


So thats step number one! Later we'll have some tips for the main event - the actual scary application process, so stay tuned.

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