Top Job: Introducing the Wand Wizard

Chatting to Garnier and Maybelline's brand manager this morning about all manner of innovation, hard science and naturally enough, mascara, he casually dropped it into the conversation that the L'Oreal groupĀ  have a dedicated member of staff whose sole job is creating mascara brushes.

And you know what he is called?

Yes, that's right, ladies. He's called the Wand Wizard.

Poor kindly brand manager man had no idea how batshit I would go at this news.

"The Wand Wizard!" I shrieked, almost spitting out my peppermint tea, for such throes of excitement I was in, "no BLEEDIN' WAY!"


Yes bleedin' way.

The Wand Wizard sits bedecked in robes (I'm sure this is true) high in a Parisian chateau (probably), concocting - using magic, witchcraft (perhaps...) and new-fangled science and plastic (definitely) - brand new and fancy mascara wands, all the better for us to embellish our peepers.

I was enchanted. There is no other word for it.

And so I knew I must tell thee all of my discovery - toot sweet. After all, is a blog obsessed with all things mascara, from the best brush types to the newest innovations. To a beauty lover, this is like the ultimate proof that God exists. Look - he's in Paris, playing with plastic. RIGHT NOW.

So, while the Holy Grail search for the perfect mascara never ends, now at least we know we have a powerful force for good on our side.


All hail the Wand Wizard.

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