Trend Alert: Get Pretty with Plaits

Every where you look these days you see a plait. Debs, weddings, parties - nothing feels quite as pretty as a plait.

Whether you wear yours in a ponytail, and begin the plait from the hair tie down to the ends, braid your hair around your head like Kate Bosworth has done below, or go for something super extravagant like Diane Kruger (though you might need a bit of help for this one), plaits are the trendiest way to add some personality to your hair in 2014.

Kate Bosworth & Samantha Russ Launch Style Thief Fashion AppKate Bosworth & Samantha Russ Launch Style Thief Fashion App

Here we take a look at three gorgeous girls who've absolutely nailed it, each in their own, original way. Kate Bosworth above, Blake Lively and Diane Kruger below.

Opening Ceremony & 'Grace Of Monaco' Premiere

Behold, Blake Lively. The woman who can do no wrong. Her messy, beach hair version looks like you could manage it yourself after a day in Lahinch but it probably took a team of hairdressers about five hours.

Opening Ceremony & 'Grace Of Monaco' Premiere


That's not to say your standard pigtail plaits won't cut the mustard.

French plaits are also the perfect way to add some beachy waves to your hair, when you eventually let the plait out. Be sure to get plaiting when your hair is still a little bit damp after washing, and you'll get yourself two hairstyles with very little effort.

If plaiting your hair around your head like a tiara, be sure to plait in the direction that you want the hair to go, rather than plaiting it downward and then trying to reverse it up - it'll wind up too bumpy this way.

FX's The Bridge Premiere

No wonder everyone was photographing the back of her head. This is a work of art!

FX's 'The Bridge' Premiere


What do you make of the plait trend? Is it something you've been wanting to try out but feel it's best left to the kids?

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