Trend Watch: Will Cat Flicks EVER Fall Out of Favour?


Trends come, trends go. I make a particular note of keeping watch of them and while we've got great big macro trends like organics and mineral makeup dominating the beauty industry, there are also many tiny, micro trends that pop up for a month or even just a week: mint nails, tribal-syle body art and mad Countess Markievicz hair are three recent weeny fads we've taken a look at.

One that's taken on cockroach-like permanence has been the grĂ¡ for feline eyes. Boy, has it lasted. And lasted. Through season after season - and literally through thick and thin - we've seen some variation (letterbox liner, anyone?) on the cat flick now for several years. In beauty terms, this basically means that you've been drawing liner above your lashes since the cosmetics world was united as one in a smushed-up eyeshadow and lipstick version of Pan(stick)gea.

Will it ever fall out of fashion? I'm not so sure - so we better have a poll. Pick your pref, and spill your liner-beans in the comments. Is it here to stay?


[polldaddy poll="2272845"]

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