Tried and Tested: Armani Black Gem Mascara Topcoat

armani reader Glittergirl, (who could easily give Aphrodite and myself a run for our product whoring money) has recently tried out Armani's Black Gem Topcoat Mascara. This is one well named lady - she adores anything sparkly and glittery so I trust her to give us an honest review!

Armani say that it will "adorn eyes with a finishing coat of deep, granite gem-enriched shimmer to lashes for a mesmerizing look". The mascara contains Swarovski crystals and in pictures it looks amazing. It's also a limited edition, which adds to the appeal.
But what does Glittergirl say about it?

She tells me that she heard about this product on Off the Rails and thusly could verily hear it calling to her from BT's. She reckoned that in the absence of being frequently lavished with the real thing from her husband, a diamond effect mascara would have to suffice!

She says, "I got it on Friday and being the impatient sort I had to try it out on Friday night (and on my fingers on the way home) - lights on, face pressed to the mirror, feet encased in Homer Simpson slippers - classy lady wha'?". Tee hee! To start with, she wasn't too impressed with the brush as "the applicator is one of those new fangled comb mascara wands (I am NOT a fan) so off I went anyway, and it certainly is sparklelicious - on the brush at least".

But we could forgive a crappy applicator if the results were great, couldn't we? La GlitterG says that "it's hard to see the sparkles without blinking like a maniac, but I was hoping once the mood was set and the lights were low then my lashes would sparkle and shimmer like real diamonds (or at least QVC diamonique) and sparkle they did - but then it dried and it's just not as exciting at all - I could feel my hopes going down like a Swarovski encrusted balloon!!!!"

Oh dear.


And it gets worse: she tells us that "the comb applicator tends to make your lashes clump a bit as it holds loads of product and needs to be wiped before application, so you'll need to invest in a lash comb to sort yourself out or else an old mascara wand, of which I am sure you have loads of lying around being a member of the posse!!!!"

Still, despite this disappointment, she valiantly struggled on and was determined to be proven wrong. So she wore it out on Saturday night and indeed a few people did comment on the loveliness of her lashes - but only after she had "told people what I had on and blinked crazily for a few seconds, but that may have been the drink talking or them hallucinating after too many Harvey Wallbangers". Sadly she concluded that mostly people just didn't notice.

So if you fancy spending €22.50 on Black Gem Mascara Topcoat - don't say you weren't warned!

Big thanks to Glittergirl for her fab and funny review!

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