Tried and Tested: The Best Blushers Under €15

It might all be about contouring and strobing right now, but that needs to be balanced by a good old fashioned blusher. A good blusher needs to display three qualities: good pigment, staying power and a soft texture. So here's what I found when I tried and tested some of the most well known brands over the last fortnight.

  • Maybelline Dream Touch Blush (€9.99)

Maybelline Tried Maybelline for a night out!

The consistency of this product really won with me. I used my fingers to apply it, by lightly pressing it into my cheeks rather than swiping it. It needs some blending though just to get it looking natural. The range of colours is also very good for all skin tones. The shade I chose was No.6 (it's quite pink). I also found it stayed put all night (even when my foundation didn't) so we give it a thumbs up for that.

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush (€5.49)

Rimmel blush Once you build it up, it's great!

I love how compact this product is, and I can remember using this when I was in my teens and loving the lighter shades which can double up as a highlighter. You need a bit more product on the brush to get a good colour, but it is buildable. I wet my brush a bit too to get a stronger pigment.

Also, this one is super value for money. It is a bit dry so maybe not be as suitable for drier skin types which need some moisture. I wore this when I was working in Spain last week and it did survive the heat (and sweat!)

  • Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (€11.49)

Rimmel blusher Max Factor leaves a really natural finish, which I wore on Xposé!

Ah this one might be the overall winner. A direct descendant of the classic Creme Puff make up, Max Factor have developed a blush which almost has a baked consistency that leads to a lovely pigment, that still looks natural. It has a lovely luminous finish and it does come in 6 shades, so you could buy more than one and build in a contour and highlight too.

Have you a favourite blusher in your make up bag? Why is it your hero?

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