Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream: cleanses very gently

Trilogy sensitive ceansing cream

I hadn't yet read Kirstie's post on Trilogy's new sensitive skin line when I happened across it in my local pharmacy, but it landed on the shelf just at the right time. I had run out of my previous cleanser, felt like trying something new and wanted something that would be kind to my currently very dry and somewhat sensitive skin. While I love many other Trilogy products, the existing cleansers in the line hadn't really suited me, so I was very excited to see the new addition.

Very Gentle Cleansing Cream, €25.95, is a fragrance-free, water-based cleansing cream packed with pure plant oils, including camellia and chamomile, known for their calming and non-sensitising properties. In addition, sweet almond, avocado, olive and calendula oils ensure that the skin stays hydrated after cleansing and yet this cleanser doesn't feel oily on the skin and leaves no residue when removed (I use a muslin and warm water to remove it, but you could also rinse or tissue it off).

Some sensitive skin cleansers can be a bit lacking when it comes to actually removing makeup, but Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is rich enough to cut through foundation and sunscreen and I've even found it effective at removing eye makeup (I usually hate applying cream cleansers to my eyes).


All this, plus the added bonus of no irritation or dryness for my skin after use has earned this tube of creamy goodness a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet (oh, and a gold star for its lovely new pink and white packaging).

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