Trying and liking: Bourjois Anticernes Pinceau concealer


I recently shelled out 28 quid on a shiny new Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Touch concealer when my trusty YSL Touche Éclat petered out. Unfortunately, I managed to somehow lose the bloody thing the next day. Stuck for something to disguise my panda-like undereye circles and now broke to boot, I roamed the aisles in Boots like a woman possessed, searching for a decent replacement that wouldn't break the bank. And then I came across the new Anticernes Pinceau concealer from Bourjois, which has a twist dispenser to squeeze the concealer out through the built-in brush.


Normally priced at a wallet-friendly €9.25, this is currently under offer in Boots for just €7.75, and it is very, very good indeed! While it's a light-reflecting formula, like Touche Éclat, this offers much more coverage so that there's absolutely no hint of undereye purpleness or inner-corner blackness or weirdy-coloured eyelids still peeping through after application. Despite the coverage, it's a very fine, lightweight concealer, so no fear of it caking or settling into fine lines or any of that jazz. My only complaint - and it wouldn't stop me from repurchasing because I think the concealer itself is such an excellent budget buy, and maybe it's happening because I picked up a dud pen - is that it takes an awful lot of twists to dispense a bit of product, and when it does materialise, it sort of oozes out at the side of the brush rather than appearing down neatly through the middle. Hmmm...

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