Tweezerman Goes Arty with Grafitti Design Tweezers

tweezerman grafitti tweezers

Fancy a new tweezers? Like 'em to be a bit more interesting than yer boring normal tweezers? You'll like this so: Tweezerman has just launched a trio of grafitti-inspired pluckers for €26 a go. If you've got one of their offerings you'll know it's a really reliable brand (not as good, however, as my beloved Koji Moni offerings), and they do that send-it-back-and-get-it-sharpened malarkey too. Which I have never done, by the way - you can rub the tips against fine emery to give them back some bite.  Not a lot, but if you put some welly into it they do come up a bit sharper. (Emery, mind, not sandpaper!)

There are two more colours in the collection - interested?  They're after the cut.


Tweezerman Grafitti

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