Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers

tweezerman tweezers

Aww, who doesn't love a cute tweezers covered in ladybugs, bees or dragonflies?


These sweet little treats will be available at a Tweezerman stockist near you from May and they'll cost €15 each.

But  but - what are they actually like in human real life? I'll show you.



Kindly Tweezerman sent me the mini slant with the ladybug pattern. Phew. I like this one the most, conveniently.  Look! It's adorable.

These little fellers are pretty much exactly the same as the full-sized slant with nice sharp tips, but they're just more wee.  I present some photographic evidence:

tweezer comparison

Here's one of my older Tweezermans (Tweezermen?) for comparison. The Graffiti pair above are a full-sized slant and there's the mini ladybug below.  This young'in is perfectly serviceable for carrying about in your makeup bag, but I think you do get a bit more leverage from the bigger ones - they seem to be better sprung because they're longer. But y'know - sometimes those crazy chin hairs need a firm grip.

I wouldn't know about that now first hand, you understand.  Someone - a friend, yes ... a friend - told me that.


Of course, you can get in closer to a mirror with the minis, so hey, it's six of one and half a dozen of another.  Have you tried the full sized Tweezerpersons or have you checked out the minis? Which one do you rate?


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