Uma Thurman's Makeup Artist Discusses The 'Look'

Make up artist Troy Surratt has come across with how he made Uma Thurman resemble "an alien" or look like she'd had "the Renee Zellweger treatment". Twitter's words, not mine. For what it's worth, I'm with this sentiment expressed yesterday. The first thing we said was "She just hasn't lashed on the eye make up like she usually does."

Speaking with earlier in the week, Troy said: "We experimented with the makeup. We did a much stronger brow and a bold lip for a French sort of feel... The way I shaded her eyebrows with the pencil, I created an uplifting effect. Then, I finished with a shimmering, silky-beige shadow on her lids, and went with no mascara at all... Sort of a reaction against all the fake lashes we've been seeing on the red carpet."

Someone sharing with Us Weekly insisted "that the dramatic change is due to brush strokes, not needles. 'It was a fun makeup choice, something totally different, that's all'."

It may be a 'new look' for Uma, but spare a thought for Tilda Swinton who's been doing it for years.


Now we'd like to see Tilda with Kardashian style makeup! How 'bout you?

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