Three products I always forget to rave about: Spin pins; Bourjois I seconde polish remover; Roger and Gallet... anything

There are some workhorse products that I'm forever going on about, like Batiste coloured dry shampoo or Seche Viche topcoat, but it occurred to me over the weekend that there are a number of favourite beauty troopers in my kitbag whose praises I rarely hum, let alone sing.

Here are three that definitely deserve special mention.

Goody Spin Pins
They're not exactly the sexiest bit of stuff in the beauty world but that was never my biggest issue with Goody Spin Pins. A far more fundamental problem was that my hair was just too short to reap the full benefit of these swirly bun-makers when I bought them this time last year. The only style they could manage to coax it into was a perfect nape-of-the-neck librarian bun (before she tears off her glasses and shakes loose her hair to gasps of “but – you're beautiful!”, obviously. Insert eye-roll here) which always felt a bit too done for my liking.

I dug them out from the depths of the rejects drawer on a whim a few months ago and have been getting great use out of their spinny ways since. Now that my hair's a couple of inches longer, the bun itself is thicker, easier to muss up without causing the whole lot to fall down so it doesn't look overly done, and I can even use them to secure it in a decent topknot if I want.

As an added bonus, they don't leave that annoying dent across your hair that bobbins can, which I think is flipping brilliant because I like to wear my hair up and out of my face during the day and down at night.


Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover
You know your nail polish obsession is tipping into madness when you play favourites with your removers as well as your polishes, and this little pot of pink amazingness is currently mine. Bottles of professional remover have been relegated to the back of the press because of it, where I imagine them hanging out and playing cards while they plot their revenge.

They'll have lots of time to come up with dark designs, because I don't think I'll be needing them anytime soon. Darks, glitters, stain-inducing reds: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover gently but easily removes them all thanks to a kind-to-nails acetone-free formula that's infused with sweet almond oil.

Oh, and it smells nicer than the others, too.

Roger & Gallet anything
For days when pleasantly-scented nails aren't quite smell-tacular enough, I break out a bottle of something lovely from Roger & Gallet. Which is to say: anything from Roger & Gallet. I'm gone off proper mainstream perfume in a big way lately but I've yet to meet a delicately fragranced oil, body mist, or fragranced water from this French pharmacy favourite that I don't like.

Even Rose Imaginaire has been seeing action, and since I usually despise anything rose-scented with a red-hot burning hatred that's saying something.


Anything there you're loving too or is there a product you're currently using that's particularly deserving of a shout-out? To the comments!

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