VOTE! Magazine Awards 2012

The Magazine Awards are go!

We grew up reading magazines and there are some we love, some we kind of like and some that we think are crapola.  So in order to get a true measure of what the online, savvy media consumer (that's you by the way) is rating we want to hear what you think. (Read about how the Awards came into being and our collaboration with British Beauty Blogger).

Each poll has 10 options.  Nine are suggested by us and if your favourite is among them just click and submit to vote.  The tenth is blank - so if you don't like any of our suggestions you can go ahead and type in your own and it will be counted.


We want to find out what you're truly, honestly rating.  We want every single one of you to vote (and your friends and your friends friends)!  Oh and your mammies too OF COURSE.

Now what are you waiting for?  Get thee to the Magazine Awards 2012 page and enjoy!

Polls will remain open until Sunday 26th Feb and we'll announce the winners a week or so later.

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