Voya Organic Muslin Facial Cloths: For Women of The Cloth

voya muslin

Mad fans of muslin cloths, us. Adding an extra level of oomph to any cleanser, they're a brilliant addition to makeup removal and provide a little natural exfoliation too, which is always appreciated.

Problem: they get MANKY. Mine are all grubby and gross despite being washed regularly and Woolited to give them an extra lease of life. I've meant to replace them now for ages but typically, didn't get round to it.

See, there's much debate as to where's good to buy. Some recommend the kids section at Ikea for massive baby muslins you can cut to size. Nah, no ta. Boots sell 'em but they're teeny weeny and so do the Body Shop, but they're overpriced, I think.

My favourite type of muslin cloths come with cleansers from Eve Lom and Liz Earle but they're so limpen and grey now there's no way they're fit for show on the blog. The right size, consistency and thickness, I'd tip both brand's offerings the nod any day of the week. Problem #2: it's not so easy to get hold of them here.



A while ago I was sent a sample of Voya Totally Balmy cleanser to try and it came with a muslin cloth included. I'm sad to say the cleanser didn't set my world on fire - all the balm boxes were ticked and the stage was set: fab packaging, great ingredients, scent and texture but the product didn't emulsify, which is the kiss of death for me unfortunately - however, I loved the cloth and it swiftly joined the arsenal.

Now Voya has evidently realised it's on to a good thing with its nifty muslins and has made the cloths available as a three pack for a very decent €12. They sent us one for our perusal. Individually wrapped, you get the trio in a little cotton bag.

voya cloth

Made from organic muslin, these are double ply, well stitched, soft yet sturdy, wash well and are a decent size - generous enough to do a full face of makeup a section at a time. Worth a punt for a woman of the cloth? Yep, deffo.

You can buy Voya products on voya.ie or at selected spas nationwide - check the brand's website for more details on that.



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