We Tried Two Mascaras For a Month - Which Did We Love More?

I have had two travel sized mascaras in my makeup bag for a month. One of them has practically become a cult product overnight, the other is quietly humble. I alternate between the two, it depends on which one I grab first and even though I was instantly drawn towards one I wanted to give both a chance.

Neither mascara is bad but both have slight flaws. They were great ones to pit against each other because in the mascara world they are very different. Let's not dilly dally any further, here's what I thought. 

Benefit Roller Lash is pretty revolutionary and if you pop over to Laura's review you can see the incredible looking results - she loved it.



Pros: The magic formula volumises and thickens lashes and best of all it curls and lifts them. The packaging is a little bit gorge too. 

Cons: Your lashes have to be prepped before whipping this on. It is also really hard to reapply as it dries hard and fast; this also means it's tough to remove. The brush is the magic wand, doing all that curling and lifting but I'm still not convinced on rubber as after a while the mascara starts to glob. 


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara is more traditional in a sense; you can see from the pic that it looks like a mascara. I am a big fan of the brush; it's big and bushy and grabs on to every lash, separating them as they go. 


Pros: So it reminds me a little bit of a toilet brush but this mascara wand is the biz. It's light and bristly and the mascara never globbed once. Perversion may not be as cool looking as Roller Lash (although the packaging is also very nice) but it just does its job. Dramatic, long, thick lashes are a-go. 

Cons: It lengthens and creates volume but for that elusive lift you need you give your lashes a go in the curler before applying. 

Mascara is not just a stick in black tar but beauty companies have to keep on coming up with different formulas and ways to hook the buyer to remind them that mascara can be the crowning glory in an eye makeup look. However, while Roller Lash is a success story with its fancy ways, the mascara I'll be buying again is Perversion. It's deepest black, it's effective and it's suitable for day and night. 

Have you tried either? What do you think? Have you tried a different mascara recently that you're really into? 



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