Are you wearing the right blusher for your skin tone?

Going into the cooler seasons, you can be sure that your natural glow will be in need a little bit of help. What better way to add some colour into your face than with the right shade of blush.

Blusher has the ability to really give your complexion that bit of life it needs, even on those dark cold days. But be careful, the wrong shade of blush could just take you from goddess to circus act with the stroke of a brush.

So, how do you find the perfect shade for you?

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Light/Pale skin

If you have lighter skin, you may feel most blushes are too much for you. But actually, there are quite a few flattering options for you. Peach and rose are beautiful on pale skin. Subtle but effective.


Stay away from anything too warm though as it may make your skin look muddy.

Medium Skin

If you have medium-toned skin, you are one of the lucky ones as most shades will suit you. Because of this, you can really play around with all colours and textures. Invest in a blusher palette and you can switch it up depending on your outfit and mood.

Dark Skin

Anything with a warm undertone will work beautifully with dark skin. Coral, warm red and neutral pinks all enhance your skins natural glow and work really well.


Deep Skin

It can be hard to get the full effect of most blush colours on deep skin. But anything with a brick red tint will look fabulous. The red will really show up on a deeper skin tone and make those cheekbones pop.

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