3 lesser-known beauty tips you need to know

Can you ever have enough beauty tips under your hat? We don't think so so here are three of our favourite insider tips to remember.

We love hearing new beauty tips and tricks to incorporate into our carefully planned beauty routines. After all, every little bit of advice helps.

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The Mascara Pop

Our first piece of advice is regarding your mascara. We have told you again and again that it's important to change your mascara regularly. Anything that is liquid consistency harbours bacteria and needs to be replaced often. This tip is a way to tell if your mascara has reached its sell-by-date. If you don't know how long you've had it, pull the wand slowly out of the tube, as the top comes out of the jar you should hear a soft 'pop'. If you don't hear this pop it means your mascara has dried out. It is 100% time to throw that mascara in the bin and get yourself a new one.

How to Bring Your Gel Liner Back to Life


If you love your liner flicks on fleek you probably spend a fortune replacing your gel liner often. You'll also know there's nothing quite like the smooth glide of a brand new gel liner. This little tip will give you a few extra weeks out of your gel liner pot before you have to fork out for a new one. When the liner has dried out, use an eyedrop solution to revive it. Add just a drop at a time and use a spatula to mix it through the gel. You should only need about three drops to revive it.

When Sunscreen No Longer Protects You From the Sun

Did you know that sunscreen goes off? It loses its effectiveness over time so check expiration dates or discard it after the summer. Sunscreens should generally last up to three years, but to be sure that it is still protecting your skin we recommend discarding it after 24 months. Technically, if you are using the recommended amount of sunscreen your bottle shouldn't last longer than one summer. Let theĀ The Skin Nerd tell you how to use suncream effectively.

Have you any beauty tips to empower us with this summer?

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