Weirdly Named Beauty Products # 1


Have you ever read a product name and thought, 'HUH'!? Sometimes it can seem like they made zero effort with the name, or it's just a bit gross - anything with the word 'peeling' in the name makes me feel all weird inside. Or, sometimes the name is just completely wrong for the market, like 'spaface'. Well, that means something quite different in Ireland..

Oscar de la Renta is a case in point. He has a large fragrance catalogue, including the intriguingly named Intrusion. Well ex-scuse-ey me, but the last thing I want is for my perfume to intrude on me. So, Oscar and his busybody fragrance get the thumbs up on the weirdy names front, which is a bit of a shame, because actually it smells nice. And not remotely intrusive - I mean, what was the rationale!?


I bet you all have great suggestions for rubbish product names - get commenting!

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