What Every Day Item Does Every Make Up Artist Have in Their Kit?

Along with running my salon and my beauty editor gig here at Beaut.ie, I teach Fashion, Theater, Media Makeup in Bray Institute on Further Education. As I bestow my wisdom upon eager young minds, I'm often asked about what I carry in my real life make up kit. Very good question. So, this one is for all of you aspiring make up artists out there.

I take hundreds of products with me, some which will seem obvious and others that you may never have guessed. I'm going to let you in on some of my MUA secrets and tell you what I use, why exactly I like it and what it can be used for.

In today's edition, we're talking . . . straws!


Yes, you heard right. Straws, as in the drinking kind. Sounds random, I know. But these beauties come in extremely handy, especially when you are on a photo shoot, working with celebrities, and for bridal parties. Or, in fact, any time you are doing a lip focus make up and the client is going to be wearing a dark lip for prolonged periods of time, as drinking out of a glass will effect the work you have done on their lips!


See, it's so obvious, but so essential.

If you plan on rocking a red, ombre or dark lip in the upcoming festive seasons pop a few straws in your bag, to keep it looking perfect all night long!

Stay tuned for my weekly post on What's in my Make Up Kit, and go on and comment below if you want to know anything specific.

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