What lies beneath: Rimmel Silver shadow is actually shite

Fur coat and no knickers how are ya?

I put up a post the other day raving about Rimmel Colour Rush in Glitzed. Read it here.

But er, I put the shadow on again on Saturday night - and yes, those who had warned me were right. There is a micro fine layer of silver on the top (which is what you think you are buying). This is quickly used up and What Lies Beneath is crap eyeshadow.


So you buy this and get a fantastic silver foil effect once or twice. As it then degenerates into a manky grey sludge shade it's useless for the purpose for which it was bought.

Very disappointing as I had thought this might be the holy grail of metallic eyeshadow on a budget.  And I'm putting this correction up asap as I would absolutely HATE if anyone wasted their money on it because of my earlier recommendation.


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