What the fock? Complete your Halloween costume with a spooky themed reusuable sanitary towel.

Ladies! Halloween is around the corner and some of you (cough*me*cough) may already be planning your costume for this tremendously fun night of divilment. But haven't you always felt that there was something missing from your outfit? Like you were lacking a certain crucial element that would tie the whole thing together? Well worry no more, because craft website Etsy has the solution you didn't know you needed and CERTAINLY didn't ask for.

Sexy Halloween-themed reusable sanitary towels!

Yes, really.

Now you can be safe in the knowledge that this year's costume will have the edge on all the others, when you've got a sexy cartoon devil stowed in your knickers. Alternatively, you could go for the winking pirate option (put that sword away, matey), or the vampire character if you're feeling adventurous. If none of those appeal to you, then how about a more playful "Trick or Treat" design, with a bonus hunk in a skeleton costume cheerfully peeking around the corner of your gusset?


Seriously though, what in the name of Jaysus is going on here? There's a line at the end of the product description on Etsy that reads "Have any questions? Contact the shop owner." I have a question, Miss Shop Owner! WHY?

So are you as mystified as I am by these, or will you be sporting a themed pad in your knickers on All Hallows Eve?

(Images via buzzfeed)

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