What's in your bathroom cabinet?

I love all those "What's in your fridge" features in magazines (I've started a thread in the Forums too so we can have our own). Even though you know the celebrity has just cleaned out said fridge and filled it full of lettuce, grapes and skimmed milk.

I mean if they actually left in the honest to god contents of the fridge it would probably read more like this: a mouldy cucumber; out of date yogurts; a bottle of flat coke; a bottle of pino grigio; a half eaten carton of cold chinese and a jar of Hellmans.

Ok hands up - that's my fridge. There are some actual edibles in there too though - I swear.

But back to the matter at hand. I wish they would do a "what's in your bathroom cabinet" while they're at it. I'd love to see the real creams and lotions and potions used by the Z list celebs that take part in these features. What brand of deodorant do they use, do they have an electric toothbrush and do they take their makeup off with wipes?


My bathroom cabinet is stuffed full of moisturiser, body lotions and cleansers and I'm always chopping and changing.  And I've revealed before about all the horrors that I had in there.  But I've had a major clear out since then.

What about you? What have you got in there?

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