What's so great about Maybelline Great Lash?

maybelline great lash

Looking for a new mascara to try recently, my eye fell upon the familiar pink and green tube of Maybelline Great Lash. We've discussed this one many times and it seems that while there are always one or two who do like it, most of us are not too impressed by it. So I always wonder what it's still doing on the shelves in that case. And for that matter, why Full'n'Soft is not, grrr.

I still remember when Boots first started selling Maybelline in the UK way back when (before Boots were even here, so we're talking forever). Having read all about Great Lash in magazines, I dispatched my brother off to pick me up a tube while he was on a soccer trip to London. Bless his teenaged heart, he managed it and all! I did use it for a while, but eventually moved on to pastures new and have never been tempted to try it again.

When I saw a recommendation for Great Lash by a well-known makeup artist recently, though, I did wonder. Her top tip was to open the tube when you buy it - letting air in and helping the mascara to dry out slightly - and then put it away for three weeks before using it. I was intrigued and thought maybe it was worth a try. At best I might get a good mascara and at worst I'd have a post for the blog!


So I've bought the Great Lash. I've opened it. I've tried it too upon opening and it's still the way I remember it - wet, doesn't hold a curl, nothing remarkable about it in any way. So now I wait ... and in three weeks or so I'll be back to tell you whether anything magical has happened. Consider yourselves informed!

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