What's Your Most International Piece of Makeup?

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Inspired by xgirl's globetrotting Shu Uemura Drawing Pencils post from last week (check it out, she's got ones she's bought as far afield as Hong Kong), that got me thinking about my own beauty stash.

I always buy bits when I travel and even if it's only a quick trip to the UK, France or Spain, something new and fab nearly always accompanies me home. In terms of my most far-flung item, it'd be makeup I bought in Japan years ago, most of which is on its last legs now but I've loads of lovely little things I've gathered over the years like a shimmering baked copper Vincent Longo shadow I bought in Barneys in New York, a shocking fuchsia Rouge Baiser lippy that was a Parisian purchase and a glitter liner picked up in one of Tokyo's many 7/11s which was just a few quid from a Shiseido diffusion line.


That's me: what about you - what's your most international piece of makeup?

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