Where would you most HATE to be given a voucher from?!

unhappy woman

On Friday talk on the Blather turned to vouchers - and where you would HATE to get a voucher for.  Jane Norman came in for some commentary.

Personally I know my face would fall if I got a voucher from Heatons.  The boutique down the road which only stocks "fashions" that were last in style ...  never.  Woodies?  Nah.

While I wouldn't be delira about getting a voucher from Argos (or indeed using their wedding list service for that matter) at least I could still buy SOMETHING in there.


Some people think a voucher is the ultimate thoughtless present.  I don't at all - I love getting vouchers - but for places I like.

So tell us.  Did someone once give you McDonalds vouchers?  Tickets for an all singing all dancing "show" and you hate musicals?

What's your idea of voucher hell?

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