Who Is Your Latest Beauty Inspiration?

It's harder to track beauty trends than it is to follow seasonal fashion. You know that fringes on bags, skirts, jackets and like, hats will be everywhere this Spring Summer and everyone will be wearing Marsala because it's the colour of the year.

But when magazines tell us that stick-on jewels all over our eye-lids is going to be a thing we never believe them. Even when a five page photo shoot tries to convince us, only one or two groovy nineteen year olds will actually give it a go.

Trends like dewy skin creep up on you. One week you're rocking a Marie Antoinette-esque powdery face, the next you look like you've been under a tropical mist and you don't know why.

Celebs are usually the ones to cement beauty trends, not models on the runway. Very few people were rocking hair or makeup like Kendall Jenner on Marc Jacob's SS14 catwalk.

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014



However, once Kendall's sis Kim demonstrated her contouring tricks everyone was on that bandwagon! And then of course there was the whole brow phenomenon.

Is there a celeb that you turn to for makeup inspiration? Do you seek inspiration from a particular decade? Who do you think is killing it makeup-wise these days - have you copied their style?


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