Who's That Girl? boohoo's Nadia Aboulhosn

First thing's first - do you shop online? I've dabbled and I know it's The Future, and some of my friends get nice parcels delivered to them every week and that makes my eyes turn green, but I still like the organic shopping experience

That's not to say I don't spend hours browsing online though. Because I do. Hours.

My favourite browsing activity is looking at street style from around the globe. I also dabble in a few choice fashion blogs and if I spot cool pieces I might see if something like them is available online. That's the thing about street style and trends - you can generally buy items similar to the ones worn by street stylers in online stores almost immediately. 

boohoo is one of those online stores that burst onto the scene from nowhere. I was on a bus one day a couple of years ago and suddenly noticed billboards for the site all over the place. Now, if you ask a young lady in their teens or early twenties about a trendy piece they're wearing, it very well might be from boohoo.com. 

boohooPLUS Look 12

Starting as an underground secret based in Manchester it has risen higher and higher and have evolved into an international brand and it has cemented its fashion credentials by collaborating with blogger, model and 'influencer', Nadia Aboulhosn.

Nadia began her blog in 2010 and quickly gained a stellar following. She's known for her social media snaps and cool style and honestly, have a look at her blog, she appears to be the most body confident gal ever! And she's gorgeous. And seems nice!

Now she's adding 'designer' to her CV (or rather, her resume, she's American) with her capsule collection for boohoo. As boohooPLUS ambassador Nadia has come up with a collection of 20 pieces that revolves around her personal style, which is in her words, "minimal androgynous with a touch of glamour." She also says the collection is "all about body confidence and feeling strong in what you wear." 

Let's peruse the collection (which includes the pic above!) and reconvene in the comments to gab about whether we like it or not. Agreed? Let's go!


boohooPLUS Look 1A

boohooPLUS Look 16

boohooPLUS Look 13

boohooPLUS Look 10

boohooPLUS Look 8

boohooPLUS Look 6

boohooPLUS Look 3

I like the mouse ears the best. Only joking! That black mini dress with the front zip is fab! What's your favourite piece? Are you going to check out the collection?


Nadia Aboulhosn for boohoo capsule collection launches exclusively on boohoo.com on March 23rd and will be available in sizes 16 - 24. 

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