Ye Wha' Now? New Craze: The Nose Wax

nose hair

Count 'em up ladies: not only have we (allegedly) escandalo problems like lady gardens, size zero, muffin tops and cellulite to battle, there's a new source of 'embarrassment' in town: nose hair.

Well, according to the Daily Mail, that is. Hot from the US (sez they) is the Nose Brazilian. Except it's not really a Brazilian. Or in fact, any sort of landing-strip-esque treatment. Rather, it's a bit of auld hot wax shoved up your snot, and ripped out to remove offending hair around the nostrils.

Not coming to a salon near you, I'm hoping.


I'm also wondering, what ever did happen to the Remington Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, the poor aul'fellas way to chop off offending hairy bits? And surely now, surely, this treatment isn't really necessary, is it? Could you not just use that pre-noughties solution to the problem the - admittedly low-tech -  pair of nail scissors?

So, what do you lot reckon? Would you go bananas for the Nose Brazilian, or do you think it's completely bonkers?

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