YSL False Lash Effect Mascara Gets Reformulated

Every woman I know has a favourite mascara. The one of ones. The mascara that cannot be touched by any other. Mine is YSL's False Lash Effect. It has been since the first time it adorned my naturally straight, nondescript lashes. It's the only thing that gets them to hold a curl and defines lashes while still separating them. It's also black as a priest's socks. I can't even begin to try to tolerate a wishy washy mascara pigment. No. Begone with you inferior mascaras.

Ah sure, 'tis herself. Ah sure, 'tis herself.

Of course I've cheated on my favourite and searched for cheaper products which do the same thing. At over thirty euro, it is eye-wateringly expensive, but I keep going back because it is the best I've ever used. This is not a sponsored post - I'm aware that it must read a bit devotedly, but I'm just this devoted. I think a lot of us get attached to certain products; the one that always makes you look your best. The one that you've saved up for because you love it and always felt great in. This is mine.

That's why I was a bit scared when I found out that it was being reformulated for its birthday. Why mess with perfection?

But it's alright. Crisis averted. The mascara does exactly the same job; it's just blacker - noticeably so - and it contains ingredients to care for the lashes while it's making them look obscenely full and amazing. We'll take that, thanks. And it comes in seven colours, in case black isn't your bag.


Have a look at the original on a pair of genuine human eyes here.

The damage? It'll set you back €32.50, which is a frightening amount of money for a mascara, and it's on counter now. I can't buy a new one every time I run out on account of not owning an oil rig and a diamond mine. And still when I think of how many times I've repurchased this mascara (or its original version), I literally clench my fists till my knuckles go white. Jaysus, the cost. But it's the best! Try as I might, I can't find anything to match it. You'll find me making quiet little squeaking noises of horror and lust as I hand over my bank card at the YSL counter for years to come. Fifteen years of amazing eyelashes. Yes, please. Happy birthday False Lash Effect!

What are your feelings on this mascara? Can you justify it? Do you want to tell me that I'm mad? If so, feel free to tell us in the comments!

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