YSL Top Secrets Eye Roll-On: The perfect muggy weather pick-me-up?

It must be at least an hour since I mentioned the crappy swinter we're having, so here's number 53 in things that are rubbish about this hot, humid, soggy weather: it takes ages to feel properly awake in the mornings. Now, I'm not really the bounce-outta-bed-to-face-the-world-with-a-smile-on-your-lips-and-a-song-in-your-heart type at the best of times but it's usually much easier to get up and go on bright mornings than in the depths of winter.

Over the last couple of muggy weeks, though, my summertime get up and go has got up and fecked right off; no amount of gradual wake-up light usage or face-washing or upbeat morning music seems to make any difference.

The one thing that is helping me feel a little bit brighter eyed, if not quite bushy tailed, is YSL/SLP/WTF's Top Secrets Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare, €37.50. It looks for all the world like a white version of the Touche Eclat Highlighter pen and uses the same clicky dispensing mechanism, but pulling off the golden lid reveals a metal roller-ball rather than a brush. Two clicks of the button at its base releases enough product for both eyes down onto the roller-ball, and it feels mercifully refreshing when applied.

The blurb from the brand sez:
For your eyes only: a brand new anti-fatigue treatment with reinforced efficiency to fight against puffiness and dark circles. This smoothing emulsion is enriched with arnica, known for its decongesting and micro-circulation activating properties. The formula is combined with a draining and ultra-fresh roll-on applicator.


Regain a radiant look in a flash: the eye contour area is smoothed out, clarified and rested, ready for a flawless make-up result!

I sez: I've yet to see much of a difference in my dark circles but a week of use has already helped with puffiness; anything with a cooling or massaging action is good for this, which is why things like cold teabags and cucumber slices are recommended as DIY remedies. I'm actually keeping my Top Secret pen in the fridge for an extra dose of wake-me-up cooling and then using a light eyecream when it's been absorbed (I thought it would take the place of my eyecream for daytime, but actually I don't find it sufficiently hydrating to be used alone.)

I don't think I'll be repurchasing (that might change if it causes my dark circles to magically disappear, but I'm not holding my breath) because there are cheaper alternatives that I suspect would do the refreshing, cooling, depuffing thing just as well, like Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll-On (€14.99) or Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On (€6.49.)

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