Wellness Gift Ideas For Your Self-Care Loving Friends

We all have that one friend who's obsessed with wellness, self-care and generally bettering themselves. So here are some cute gift ideas they'll love.


A Diffuser

A diffuser with some essential oils is the perfect way to unwind after a busy week.

This one from madebyzen also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker too so they can play their favourite music while their room is filled with a relaxing aroma.


A Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask Set

Give your friend the gift of a good night's sleep every night with this gorgeous silk pillowcase and eye mask set from Slip.

If this set is a bit out of your price range, then you could just get the eyemask and a pillow spray for an equally restful nights sleep.


A Fitness Watch

Wellness isn't just about pampering yourself - exercise and staying active is equally as important.

So why not help your friend keep track of their daily activity with a fitness watch?


An Anxiety Journal


Anxiety is such a common issue nowadays so if you have a friend that suffers with it, this gift might be the one.

Sarah Knight's journal is designed to help people who often worry or overthink.

This is a thoughtful gift which shows you really care about their wellbeing.


A Skincare Gift Set

It's a safe bet to assume that if your friend loves self-care, they're probably a skincare fanatic too.

You can't go wrong with this stunning rose quartz jade roller and gua sha set from Mount Lai.

These tools are great for increasing blood circulation and reducing puffiness and inflammation.


A Cute Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is a health and wellness basic that many of us forget or struggle with.

Having a cute reusable water bottle makes it a lot easier though, so why not pick up a Chilly's water bottle for your friend?

They have a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from too so you can get one that your friend will love.




Which of these wellness gifts is your favourite? 

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