5 Sustainable Gift Ideas To Inspire Your Loved Ones To Help The Planet

If you're stuck on what to buy someone for Christmas why not get them one of these sustainable gift ideas. You're helping the planet and checking another present off your 'To buy' list.



Chilly's Water Bottle

A cute but durable water bottle is a nice gift idea for anyone.

The Chilly's water bottles are great as they come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and you can get them in a few different sizes too.

For example, I have two of their water bottles, a medium-sized one for around the house and long journeys and small one for everyday use that can fit in my handbag.



Reusable Silicone Storage Bags - Stasher Bags

This could be a good stocking filler gift for someone who brings packed lunches/snacks to work or who likes to cook or bake and always has leftovers.

These reusable silicone bags aren't just good for the environment but will also save you money as you'll no longer have to buy single-use sandwich bags.



Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

If you have a friend who's in need of some relaxation this reusable candy can bubble bar from Lush is the perfect gift for them.


Lush has a wide variety of packaging-free products such as bath bombs, bubble bars, body lotions, shampoos and conditioners which would all be great Christmas gifts.



Mini Snowman Konjac Sponge

A very cute little stocking filler gift for a skincare lover.

This konjac sponge is used for cleansing the skin and will help give your skin a deeper clean.

It can be used with or without a cleanser and is suitable for sensitive skin.



Keep Cup - Black Reusable Coffee Cup

A simple and sleek reusable coffee cup is another nice gift idea most people would love.

Keep Cups are by far the most popular on the market at the moment this possibly due to the minimalistic design and durability of the cups.

They're available in plastic or glass however I'd personally recommend buying a glass one as in my experience plastic reusable coffee cups tend to smell after a few months of use.



Which of these sustainable gift ideas is your favourite? 

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