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RTÉ's Operation Transformation isn't a new show. In fact, it's now into it's second series, but I'd never seen an episode before yesterday. That's mostly because Gerry Ryan gets on my wick, but also because there was nothing else on the tellybox at 8.30pm last night and it was either have a gander at Operation Transformation or make a start on loading the dishwasher.


The premise is that 6 ornery Joes and Josephines seeking to lose weight and get fit sign up to an eight-week exercise and diet regime under the guidance of dietitian Dr Eva Orsmond, fitness instructor Karl Henry, and motivational guru Pat Henry. Pretty much every second of the eight weeks of the programme is mapped out in minute detail for each of the participants, with a detailed diet and exercise plan tailored specifically to each individual set out daily on the Operation Transformation website. The Gerry Ryan Show on 2FM and the weekly TV programme monitor and report on their progress, and it has to be said that so far they're all doing vay well, dropping the weight, learning how to cook good food, and feeling better in themselves.

There are two things that I think are really nifty about Operation Transformation. One is that viewers are encouraged to choose a participant whose plan they'd like to follow and then stick to it for the eight weeks, so there's a whole interactive, supportive group element to the whole thing which is great. "That's a brilliant idea" said Himself, as he headed off to the kitchen during the ad break for a cuppa and a mini pecan pie tartlet yoke from Avoca. The other is that it's a cross-media production, using the Interweb as well as the TV and radio to ensure that public participants have easy access to their leader's healthy recipes and fitness tips and the like.

Now if only Gerry would say "want" instead of "wunt" (aaaAAAaaargh!), I could 100% wholeheartedly no-question-about-it give the whole enterprise a big thumbs up.

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