Five Instagram Style Queens You Need To Follow

We love following all of the style trends and inspiration social media has to offer. But with the plethora of influence online, it can be hard to keep up.

This is why we like to narrow it down to our firm favourites. Remember, you should only be following those who make you feel inspired, positive or have taught you something new.

If you are following a page that doesn't make you feel any of those, easy just click unfollow!

Here are our top style queens we are LOVING at the moment-

Tara Anderson

Make-up artist and influencer Tara Anderson is our style queen! She can do no wrong. From bargain buys to high street finds, her style is perfection.

Eimear Varian Barry

Irish girl living in London, Eimear is another queen you should be following. Her style is chic, feline and simplistic and we just can't get enough. Her interior inspo is also incredibly creative yet minimalistic.


Nadia Forde

Model and mum of one beautiful little girl Nadia is another style inspo we are loving at the moment. Everything is so simple yet classic. Her wedding photos are stunning too!



Denise Kenny

Whether it is 7 days 7 dresses or her Zara weekly finds, we can't get enough of Denise's style tips and fashion buys. She is also a wealth of knowledge of all things beauty and products.

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams, in our opinion, just wins the style award each and every time. She looks incredible in anything and her simple yet edgy style has us excitedly waiting for her next post each week.


Sandra Wilson

On that note, it is not hard to see where Vogue gets it from. Her mum Sandra is an ultimate style guru herself. Her style is beautiful, feminine and super stylish.


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