5 Most Ridiculous Excuses Ever Given For Pulling A Sickie

This weekend there are a few events on that you might want to get out of work for, such as Body & Soul, so you might have decided to call in sick instead of using up your holiday days.

With that in mind, here's a list of the worst and most ridiculous excuses given to employers in order to get out of work, so make sure not to use any of these.

Employment consultant Reed.co.uk asked a number of managers, bosses and people that you generally have to call when you're trying to skive off work to hear what the most ridiculous excuses they've ever been given are, and the top five list makes for some truly sorry reading.

In defence of number 5, we have burned our feet before on holiday and it does hurt quite a bit, you can't even wear socks.

1) Oh, I thought it was Sunday…is it Monday today?

2) My dog ate my iPhone so I couldn’t find the place

3) We have had a bereavement in the family… budgie died

4) I’ve been waiting for a bus for 3 hours

5) I’m really sorry, I cannot make it into work this morning as I have sunburned feet

They also asked them for the most common excuses that they've gotten over the years, and these are, as you might expect, altogether more reasonable.

1) I’m sick


2) A member of my family is sick

3) I’m in A&E

4) My phone battery died

5) My dog is sick

6) I was robbed last night

7) I fainted on the way to work

8) I don’t feel like going in

9) I’ve broken my leg

10) I’m locked out of my house

For our next sickie, we're going to say that our budgie made our dog sick, and we tripped in the sick and broke our leg. Foolproof, eh?


Via i100. Main pic via Republic of Korea/Flickr

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