Big Brother Reveals Strange New Diary Room Chair for This Series

This is very much something only fans of Big Brother will care about, but as there seems to be so many closet fans out there, we thought we'd deliver the goods.

The show kicks off tomorrow for the summer with a theme that's being referred to as 'Timebomb', which so far we have gathered means that they have a retro gaff and that they can mess with time on the housemates, even bringing back some former Big Brother heads from series' past for appearances.

BB host Emma Willis has just tweeted out the new diary room chair where all the upcoming housemates will deliver the dirt, and it's definitely a bit... odd looking. Is it even a chair? It's hard to tell.


This year too will be the first time it's been televised on an Irish broadcaster as TV3 have secured the rights. You can see it all kick off tomorrow on 3e at 9pm.

Does anyone care about this anymore? Is it a guilty pleasure, something you get sucked into against your better judgement or just simply the work of the devil?

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