Big Brother's Andrew removed from house

It's been one hell of a first week on Big Brother, with one contestant walking out, and things getting very hot and steamy in the bedroom... and the hot tub for that matter. Just last night, however, it was announced that Andrew Tate had been removed from the house, and Ryan may be following him.

The reason why Tate was removed has not been confirmed. It was initially thought it was down to a racist tweet he sent to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini a few years ago regarding her marriage to Ashley Cole, however, today it's emerged that The Sun have a video of him from 2012 hitting a girl with a belt.

The four-time world kickboxing champion was quick to take to Twitter to defend himself:






Last night he also posted a video on Facebook insisting that he was kicked off the show because his "plans was just too risky".

"They (producers) were saying to me: 'Look, if one of those takes a swing at you please don't hit back because you would destroy them, you would annihilate them. You're a pro fighter. These are people who think they can fight, please don't hit them back'.

"And they decided my new plan was just too risky and I had to leave, so enjoy the show without me."

However, Channel 5 denied this and later released a statement saying:

"Channel 5 and Big Brother have become aware that Andrew Tate has posted a statement on Facebook about the circumstances of his departure from the Big Brother House. What Andrew says in that statement is completely false.

"Andrew was not removed because of his actions inside the House. Nor was he removed for tweets allegedly posted by him prior to his entering the House. Andrew was removed because of information which came to light today."

Meanwhile, it looks like Ryan Ruckledge is also in hot water over a tweet he sent to 2013 Big Brother winner Luke Anderson.

Luke told Mirror Online: "If Big Brother are removing housemates for racial slurs and abusive past tweets, then yes, without a doubt [he should be removed].

"In previous shows housemates using derogatory racial terms had been ejected immediately. Transphobic hate speech is no different. There is a growing LGBT community who will be offended."


Big Brother have not yet commented on Ryan's status in house yet.

At this rate, there may be none of them left in that gaff for the final.

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