Big Brother's Jayne had to leave the house for a medical emergency

There's a great deal of drama in store tonight on Big Brother as viewers will see Jayne Connery carted off to hospital following a medical emergency.

The 49-year-old was injured in what was called a "bridge buidling" task  as housemates attempted to knock Jayne off a bridge by throwing water balloons and wet sponges at her. I mean, WHAT could go wrong?

A lot apparently. Jayne fell off after losing her balance when Jackson threw a wet sponge at her, and housemates had to help her out of the pool before medical attention arrived.


Jackson of course felt absolutely terrible but Big Brother later informed housemates that Jayne was fine and was being checked over by medical staff off-site.

Later in the show, Jayne returns to the house much to the relief of Jackson who apologies to her and the pair hug it out.

So all's well that end well for another day in the mad house Big Brother house.

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