Cadbury's Job Rejection Letter is Willy Wonka-Worthy

Although it may seem like the economy is slowly improving, those of us will know that the job market is still a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

You might spend hours flicking through jobsites and wandering through the Miscellaneous section until you stumble on - wait for it - Global Quality Manager for Cadbury's Chocolate.

You could apply for this, right? It's quality control for chocolate. You take a bite, tastes good - ship it. Done and dusted. Collect a wage and free chocolate.

Not so, apparently. And as one Mr. Jones found out, it's not easy to bribe them either.

Here's his rejection letter from Cadbury's.


If that didn't win him at least a second interview, then we've no idea what would have. Everlasting chocolate bar? How can you possibly say no to that?

Also, eBay feedback is totally a relevant reference.

Can anyone top that for a job application story? How did you get your job and did you have to go through fifteen hundred rounds of interviews? Or did you just, you know, slide a fiver across the desk and give 'em a wink? I said WINK.

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