Celebrity Big Brother housemates: How do you know them?

A new series of Celebrity Big Brother kicked off last night with a brand new batch of famous (and not-so famous) faces becoming housemates for the next few weeks.

Don't worry, the years aren't flying past you either, this is the second series of CBB in 2016, with Scotty T winning the one earlier in the year, which of course brought us that famous 'David is dead' moment that went viral.

Back to this series though, where last night Emma Wills welcomed fifteen brand new housemates, and Big Brother wasn't long about introducing himself either. The celebs were told that one of them would become 'house leader' with Christopher Biggins discovering during a silent disco that the public had chose him for the job, giving him power over nominations this week.

However Big Brother had a twist in store already by telling remaining housemates that they actually should try get nominated by Biggins, as that would make them immune from eviction.

He's some messer, that Big Brother.


Anyways, besides all that drama, you may be wondering just who the hell some of these so-called 'celebs' are.

Well wonder no more, as we have the 411 on all of them below;

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